Chrissa Michelle

Chrissa Michelle

Mortgage Loan Officer



Business Owner

Howard Ruden

Howard Rudin


Property Manager

Real Estate Investor

Landlord, Homeowner

On many days Howard and Chrissa play all the roles of Real Estate. Other days, just one or two. Which is why they founded Howard and Chrissa not only recognize what it takes to buy, sell and manage real estate; they live lives that blend it all full-time. They are passionate about supplying the tools all first-time homebuyers need to own the home they have always dreamed of.

Prior to co-founding, Howard, a long time Valley REALTOR who has been named in the Phoenix Business Journals Book of Lists of top 40 real estate agents.

Because of his impressive track record seeking out ideal locations to match the needs of his clients, Howard is highly sought after for his practical advice and creative solutions to just about any real estate situation.

Throughout her career, Chrissa Michelle has sought to simplify complex financial information, empowering women and young adults to take charge of their financial future. For three decades Chrissa has overseen successful marketing and financial initiatives throughout Arizona.

In the last decade, together Howard and Chrissa have helped more than 468 people become homeowners. We want to help you open the door to your own home. Home Buying is Simplified with Realty

Please join us on the most exciting adventure of your life; to buy the home you have always dreamed of and have the life you and your family deserve.

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